• Military Challenge Coin Designs

    Your military challenge coin symbolizes pride, unity, excellence. But it also stands for the friendships, camaraderie, and unique experiences of your military unit. No one knows the memories and secrets you share like your brothers and sisters in arms. You serve together, you grieve together, you celebrate together. When your military memorabilia matters, trust Phoenix Challenge Coins
    Custom Minted Challenge Coin by Phoenix Challenge Coins

  • Buy Military Coins

    When you buy military coins online, you want to know that your custom military coin is authentic and of the highest quality. Every custom coin we produce is designed with the client, for the client. We want you to buy military challenge coins with confidence from Phoenix Challenge Coins.
    Military Challenge Coin by Phoenix Challenge Coins

  • Military Coin Designs

    One of the great things about designing your military coin is the design process. You can choose from a variety of sizes, shapes, metals, colors, and graphics to create a military challenge coin that is uniquely yours. Visit our custom products page to get an idea of the options available to you.
    Military Challenge Coin by Phoenix Challenge Coins

  • Military Challenge Coin for Sale

    “Military challenge coin for sale,” is one phrase some of our competitors embrace. They make extra money on each sale by reselling military challenge coin design copies made of inferior materials online at auction sites and retail shops. Your military challenge coin is designed for distribution amongst your unit, and we aim to keep your coins exactly where you intend them to be- in the hands of your military unit members first and foremost.
    Military Challenge Coin by Phoenix Challenge Coins

  • Air Force Challenge Coins

    Air Force challenge coins serve as a special reminder of your Air Force family. Air Force challenge coins represent many things, and they serve as a source of tradition, challenge, and belonging. At Phoenix Challenge Coins, we work closely with you to design your custom, one-of-a-kind Air Force challenge coin that’s as unique as your unit.
    Air Force Challenge Coin by Phoenix Challenge Coins

  • DOD Coins for sale

    If you are looking to buy Department of Defense coins (regular or custom coins) Phoenix Challenge coin is the only place for you to go. Outside of the outstanding quality of our coins, our prices are very competitive, our experience in the industry and customer service is unmatched.

    Go to the premier challenge coin online shopping destination, our online store. Take a look at our selection of collectors and authentic unit coins for sale. If you are looking to get free artwork and a price quote to get your own custom challenge coins made, call us at 508-499-7186
    DOD Challenge Coin by Phoenix Challenge Coins

  • Fire Coin, EMS Coin, and Police Coin

    The tradition of challenge coins has expanded to include sets of specially designed fire coin, EMS coin, and police coin as well as military challenge coin sets. We offer the same exceptional service and products to our allies in the service industries as we do to our military.
    Custom Minted Challenge Coin by Phoenix Challenge Coins

  • Air Force Coins

    When you commission Air Force coins, you want to trust your project to someone with the same dedication to excellence your unit adheres to. Phoenix Challenge Coins takes great pride in completing each and every challenge coin project in a manner that exceeds our clients’ expectations.
    air Force Challenge Coins by Phoenix Challenge Coins

  • Custom Challenge Coin

    Phoenix Challenge Coins is more than just a service provider or a custom challenge coin minting company. We’re custom challenge coin gurus, innovators, and inventors in regards the custom challenge coins, and the other products we manufacture for you.
    PAX Prime Custom Coin

  • Quality

    One thing which sets us above our competition is we’re more than passionate about what we do and the products we provide. We eat, sleep and breathe custom challenge coins, lapel pins, badges, patches, etc…. We’re collectors, inventors and innovators in our field.
    Custom Challenge Coin

  • Innovative

    Phoenix Challenge Coin ArmorTM
    Using Phoenix Challenge Coin Armor™ we can offer our clients an expanded color palette for their projects. We’re the only company out there who can make and offer you this revolutionary, proprietary new process and allow you to commission custom projects that can actually survive the ‘daily carry’ and wear and tear you desire.

  • Custom Unit Coins

    Designing custom unit coins for your military, fire, EMS, or police units is an exciting prospect. Even if your unit coins are intended for display in your home or office, the unit coins produced by Phoenix Challenge Coins are beautiful representations you’ll be proud to display on your mantle or your local watering hole. Call Phoenix Challenge Coins today to get your custom unit coin project started.
    Custom Unit Coin

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