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Challenge Coin Trends

Challenge coins have been around since the World War I – and they have a wonderful history throughout all military branches. In more recent years, challenge coins have been used among police and fire departments to express brotherhood and honor bravery. For many years, not much changed as far as challenge coin design was concerned. Fast forward to modern day. New technologies and a globally competitive market have pushed the creative limits of challenge coin designs. The challenge coins of today are truly incredible. Here are some of the top trends in challenge coins:

  • Vibrant colors: Silver and gold are classic military challenge coin choices that always look great, but there are some designs that really shine when you add in vibrant color options. Hard enameling is a process of challenge coin painting and design that creates awesome looking colorful coins that are chip-free and fade resistant. When designing a custom challenge coin, make sure that you ask your challenge coin designer if they use a baked semi-cloisonné or “hard enamel paint” for their challenge coins. Other enameling processes are inferior and the paint product results in a lower quality product.


  • Creative shapes: When you envision a coin, you usually think of a circle. There are certain rules when it comes to government currency. But luckily, when it comes to challenge coins, there are no rules – and you are free to think outside of the circle. Modern challenge coin artisans can create a challenge coin in virtually any shape. It requires a lot of skill, but there are some incredible challenge coin artists out there – and they are able to offer limitless options, in terms of shape.


  • Matte finishes: Shiny challenge coins definitely look great – but in a sea of sparkly coins, having a matte finish can make your custom challenge coin design really stand out. An awesome matte finish job requires a great amount of skill. Not just any coin company can pull it off – so if you’re looking for a matte coin design, make sure that the challenge coin company you choose has a lot of experience in this finish.


  • Scratch-resistant finish: Challenge coins are bestowed as a great honor and are passed from generation to generation, so they need to last. Air force coins, Navy coins, Army coins, police coins and fire coins are frequently carried on the recipient – and suffer a lot of wear and tear. New technology in challenge coin design acts as a shield to help protect coins from signs of wear and ensure coins look great for the long haul.

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