Challenge coins have long been a symbol of military brotherhood and bravery, honoring the bravery, courage and sacrifice of those men and women in all branches of the military. Challenge coins have become so synonymous with the military that they are often referred to as “military coins”. But did you know that challenge coins are also widely used in a wide variety ways, honoring heroes outside of the military? Here are some examples of the ways in which challenge coins can be used to honor all types of bravery:

Fire Coins

There are few people in the world that can do what a firefighter does. These men and women are the very definition of bravery: they rush in where others rush out. Fire coins honor that bravery and sacrifice. A fire coin can be presented to recognize a courageous act – or as a symbol of brotherhood within a fire department. Fire coins can be presented to the families of those firefighters who have made the ultimate sacrifice. These challenge coins are a powerful symbol honoring unmatched courage.

Police Coins

The men and women who make up our police forces are some of the bravest and most courageous people in the world. These men and women pledge and oath to protect and serve their communities and cities – and put themselves in harm’s way on a daily basis. They work hard every day and night to oversee the safety of our communities and to ensure that law and order prevails. Many days, police face a thankless and highly stressful job. Police coins are designed to honor their sacrifice and the important job that they do in maintaining law and order and protecting our cities, states and communities. Police coins can be given within a department as a symbol of unity; presented to an officer who has gone above and beyond the call of duty or just simply as a way of saying thank you for years of service.

Emergency Worker Coins

Emergency workers are our friends and neighbors – who just so happen to be able to save your life if you ever get into serious trouble. Emergency workers and EMTs are the first responders in our community – and they are always on call, making sure that their neighbors are safe in the case of medical emergencies, natural disasters or serious accidents. An EMT gives their all, often working night shifts, risking their safety to respond to those in serious medical need. Challenge coins honor emergency workers and their sacrifices. They can be presented within their organization, as a symbol of brotherhood – or those grateful to receive their emergency services. Emergency worker coins are a small symbol of appreciation that makes a big impact.

Coins to Honor a Special Fighter

Challenge coins can be created to honor more than just police, fire, military and emergency worker heroes. They can honor the everyday heroes in our lives that are fighting against illness with bravery and courage. Individuals that overcome serious obstacles, such as a medical condition or cancer are truly brave – and that bravery deserves to be celebrated! Challenge coins are the perfect way to create a meaningful tribute to those in your life who have exhibited courage and strength beyond in their fight against cancer, lupus, ALS or overcoming odds such as being paralyzed or facing limb amputation. Challenge coins are a very touching and poignant way to recognize strength, honor their struggles and show the people you love just how inspiring they are.

Challenge Coins for Sale

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