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Custom Challenge Coins Make a Perfect Christmas Gift

As we get closer to the snow blowing, under-the-mistletoe kissing, eggnog and all things Christmas, it’s time to start thinking about what kinds of gifts to get, especially for those hard-to-buy-for friends, family and coworkers who managed to make the nice list. If your circle of friends includes police officers, firefighters, members of the armed forces, sports team members or any other group that likes to show pride and esprit de corps, challenge coins make a perfect gift.

Custom challenge coins come from a tradition that dates back to World War I. It started with members of the U.S. Army, but it soon spread to other branches of the service. Officers or NCOs often gave (and still give) Army challenge coins, Navy challenge coins, Air Force challenge coins or challenge coins for Marines to their troops either as an individual or unit award. The tradition includes producing your coin as a challenge to a crowd to show their own challenge coins.

Challenge Coins are not Just for the Military

It didn’t take long before returning service members brought the tradition with them to police and fire units. Eventually, sports teams, professional groups, businesses, civic organizations and all sorts of other groups that wanted to show pride and cohesion among their members began to order their own custom challenge coins.

Law enforcement coins make perfect gifts to hand out at the precinct – boldly and beautifully displaying your department’s insignia. Custom firefighter coins and coins commemorating military units likewise make wonderful gifts.

Challenge Coins are a Perfect Gift for People Who are Tough to Shop For

If you have police officers, firefighters or members of the military on your shopping list, chances are you already know they can be notoriously tough to shop for. Challenge coins for sale this time of year give you not only an easy option, but a good option. Face it, most gifts are forgotten about 15 minutes after the gift wrap is thrown away. Not custom challenge coins. People who take pride in their units or other organizations have been known to carry challenge coins with them the rest of their lives. Many have even passed them on to their children, helping keep their legacies and that of their units or teams alive.

Challenge coins aren’t just for military and police officers, either. While those are the most common organizations that carry challenge coins, they make great gifts for any group that wants to commemorate just about anything. Did your son’s football team win the division or state this year? Challenge coins showing the school’s logo and the team’s record would make a memorable gift for everyone on the team. Did your sales team pull together and set a new record? Give them a Christmas gift that shows them you’re as proud of their accomplishment as they are – one that will serve as a constant reminder and motivator to keep striving.

The bottom line is this: if you want to commemorate it, a custom challenge coin is the perfect way to do it – and because of that, Christmas is the perfect time for ordering challenge coins.