Custom coin minting is a very crowded marketplace – but not all custom coin minters are created equal. Before choosing a custom coin minting service, there are a few things you might need to consider.

  • Are your coins handcrafted by a master artisan? Many of the challenge coin companies that offer great discount rates online aren’t really offering their own custom coin minting and design. Most of these online challenge coin companies are simply acting as “middle men” and taking the orders, then sending them out to cheaper mints overseas for all the design and manufacturing. To ensure that you are getting a truly custom, expertly-designed and crafted challenge coin, you must ask who will be designing your coin.
  • What metals and finishes are used: Challenge coins are meant to be passed down from generation to generation. Unit coins are presented as the ultimate symbol of sacrifice and honor. Do you want a cheaply made coin in a metal that will tarnish and dent? Or do you want a coin that is made to last – and look incredible through the years? The answer on that one is quite obvious. Talk to your custom coin minting company about the types of metals and finishes they use, so you can ensure your challenge coins are designed to last.
  • What is the design process like? Designing a custom challenge coin should be a collaborative and fun process. A great custom coin artisan should be willing (and happy!) to incorporate your ideas and design requests into your custom challenge coin, creating a coin that you are completely thrilled with and reflects what your organization stands for. When you work with a great challenge coin designer, your ideas should be met with enthusiasm and knowledge on how to transform your ideas into a dream coin.

The Best Custom Military Challenge Coins for Sale

Looking to create a custom challenge coin and want to find the best military challenge coins for sale? Look no further than Phoenix Challenge Coins. Phoenix Challenge Coins is a world leader in custom coin minting and creates hand-crafted challenge coins that are stunning to look at, wonderfully designed and built to last. Phoenix Challenge Coins uses cutting-edge patented technology, Coin Armor™ and Armor Shield™, which create stronger, more durable finishes. That means coins that can stand up to everyday carry and will last for generations. In addition, Phoenix Challenge Coins does not sub out design work to cheap overseas coin minters. Each coin is expertly designed by Phoenix’s master challenge coin artisan, Eric Richards. Learn more about Phoenix Challenge Coins’ design process, check out designs and buy military coins, unit coins, corporate coins, police coins and fire coins direct from Phoenix Challenge Coins’ web site.