Honoring Firefighters with Fire Coins

Firefighters are the brave men and women who rush in to danger, when everyone else is rushing out. There are few jobs that require as much courage and sacrifice as a firefighter’s job does. The very nature of their duty requires an astounding amount of strength and bravery. From the big city firefighters who have lost their lives in major terrorist attacks, to the small town heroes that work every day to protect their neighbors, firefighters make the world a much safer place. Though firefighter do not do their job for the recognition or the glory, it’s nice to be able to honor them in a meaningful way. Fire coins are a poignant and tangible reminder of their sacrifice.

Fire Coins Build Brotherhood
The fire coin springs from a military tradition of bestowing challenge coins to members of a troop by unit commanders. Many unit commanders create military challenge coins to hand out to their soldiers – particularly those who have gone above and beyond in the course of duty. A challenge coin has long been seen as a badge of honor for those who have been awarded them. The history and tradition of challenge coins began in the Air Force in World War I. Since then, the tradition of challenge coins has spread far past the military and this powerful gesture has become the perfect way to honor anyone who puts themselves in harm’s way for others – such as firefighters. Fire coins can be presented among a fire department or squad as a way to build a sense of belonging and comraderie. Fire coins have been presented to new members of a department, as a way to “welcome” them into the fold. Many fire chiefs choose to give out fire coins as a way to honor acts of bravery.

Creating a Custom Fire Coin
Offering high quality police and fire coins is one of the best ways to honor the firefighters who serve and protect our communities and keep us safe. Whether fire coins are handed out to everyone in the department or reserved as special recognition for those officers and firefighters who go above and beyond the call of duty, fire coins are destined to become a cherished keepsake, passed on from generation to generation. When it comes to creating such as beautiful and meaningful custom keepsake, you want only the best custom-made fire coins. There are a lot of custom challenge coin companies on the market, but few offer truly custom, hand-crafted coins. Many challenge coin companies offer cheap prices and simply act as “middle men”, subbing out the coin creation to cheap mints overseas. When creating a legacy, you want to work with a custom coin craftsman whom will create a custom challenge coin with artistry, care and respect – as well as a coin artisan who uses only the highest quality materials available on the market.

Firefighters deserve a challenge coin truly worthy of the service and sacrifice they make every day and that’s why you should work with a challenge coin company that will take that honor seriously – and create a coin that reflects the honor, courage and sacrifice made by the brave men and women who keep their cities and communities safe. To learn more about quality, custom fire coins contact Phoenix Challenge Coins.