Military Challenge Coins: Military Collectibles with Meaning

There are a lot of military collectibles on the market — but few can match the craftsmanship, beauty and meaning of a military challenge coin. A challenge coin has deep roots in the military and have traditionally been presented among units to represent brotherhood, or to honor a special achievement or act of bravery. Today, military challenge coins are presented for a wide variety of reasons — and are highly sought after military collectibles for those in the military and for serious military memorabilia collectors. Because of the detail and craftsmanship that goes into each challenge coin, these military challenge coins are very valuable collectibles — and they are also a meaningful symbol of pride that will be passed down from generation to generation.

High Quality Military Challenge Coins

There are a lot of military challenge coin manufacturers on the market. But many of these manufacturers that you find online are simply “middlemen” who do not create custom coins themselves and actually source out the work to cheap overseas coin mints. The result? You might get a better price on a military challenge coin, but you are not getting near the level of craftsmanship, custom design work and artistry that a private custom challenge coin mint can provide. These cheaper coins will have little value as true military collectibles and they will not only look cheaper — they will feel cheap, too. A custom challenge coin craftsman works one on one with you to design your custom coin. They also release limited editions of special commemorative coin designs that are destined to become valuable military collectibles that will only increase in value over time. Cheap overseas mints mass produce “special edition” coins and flood the market with them, meaning they will have very little collectible value in the future.

The Best Military Collectible Challenge Coin Mints

The challenge coin market is increasingly competitive, with online challenge coin companies looking to undercut each other on price. These days, it can be hard to find small custom coin mints that are committed to quality craftsmanship, artistry and true custom design. It can be hard to find a challenge coin company that is committed to using only the highest-quality materials and methods, to create a coin that is truly durable and built to last for generations to come. But there are some custom challenge coin companies that are doing it right. Phoenix Challenge Coins is one of those companies.

When you order challenge coins or other custom military collectibles, it is important to work with a company who takes the time to do things right, with the honor and respect that military challenge coins — and their recipients — deserve. If you want the best custom challenge coins and military collectibles on the market, you need to work with the best military challenge company out there — Phoenix Challenge Coins. It only takes a few minutes of looking through Phoenix’s challenge coin designs and reading about the precision and artistry involved in making each coin to see why Phoenix Challenge Coins is the company you’re looking for when you need custom military collectibles and challenge coins that you’ll be proud to display — today and for years to come.