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Police Coins – a Great Way to Show our Support for LEOs

It has always been important to support our law enforcement officers and giving police challenge coins are just one of many great ways to do that. There was a time in this country when the vast majority of us were raised with the idea that police are here to serve and protect, a time when we trusted police. It was during that time that the tradition of challenge coins began.

While the tradition started with the military during World War I, it didn’t take long before returning soldiers took positions are firefighters, deputy sheriffs, police officers and other professions that put their lives on the line to keep us safe. As every LEO knows, the pride and esprit de corps among police departments is very similar to that experienced in the military. Thus, police coins became a popular way to show pride in your department, just as the original custom challenge coins were a way to show pride in your military unit.

Times aren’t Simple, but Showing Appreciation for LEOs Can Be

Of course, we no longer live in those simpler times. Police work has always been dangerous. LEOs have always put their lives on the line to protect the rest of us. Today, though, they deal with greater hazards – and often with a public that has very little understanding for or appreciation of the sacrifices they make for us. Today, police officers often face open persecution by people who blame police officers in general for every life-or-death decision their fellow LEOs have had to make.

People often fail to understand that the overwhelming majority of police officers are family men and women who want to do their job, serve their community, put dangerous people behind bars for everyone’s safety and get home at the end of their shift to enjoy their families. In a day and age in which police officers take a lot of flak that they don’t deserve, it’s incredibly important that we show our appreciation for them.

Law Enforcement Coins are Just One Way to Show Your Appreciation for Police

Are police coins the only way we can show appreciation for our local law enforcement? Of course not. Investing in police coins for sale for your local police and sheriff’s departments is just a small way to show them that you are on their side and that you stand behind them because you know they stand between you and those who would do you and your loved ones harm. And while we would certainly encourage you to consider law enforcement coins as a memorable way to show appreciation to show appreciation to the LEOs in your life and community, we would encourage you to go beyond that.  Always look for ways to make sure that the police officers in your area know that their community stands with them. Really, appreciating your local LEOs can involve anything from custom police coins to a simple “thank you.”