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When you think of a coin, you typically think of a circle – but with custom challenge coins, that’s only one of the literally endless shapes that a coin can take on. When designing a custom challenge coin, you want your idea to really stand out – and you want to create a timeless piece of art that can be presented with pride and passed on from generation to generation. You may have considered the size, messaging and art design ON the coin, but a truly awesome custom challenge coin company can help you customize the shape of your challenge coins, so your design truly shines. Of course, the classic circle coin still looks great – but here are some ideas for challenge coins’ shape ideas for those that want to “think outside of the circle”.

Show off your Great State: Show your state or country pride with a challenge coin in the shape of your great state. These coins are great for units based domestically, as a way to show your roots – or to honor the country of deployment. State and country-shaped coins make a great base for military coin designs.

Tools of the Trade: Whatever field you are in, you have certain “tools of the trade” that you use on a regular basis. These make great base shapes for coins and can apply to everything from a police badge, a computer, to a sledgehammer, to a stethoscope, to a rifle to a fire truck. Police coins, fire coins, military challenge coins and coins for civilian organizations all look really cool and extra personalized when they take on the shape of the very tools that sustain them.

By Air, Land and Sea: Using transportation and machinery as a base shape for Naval coins, Air Force coins, Army coins, police coins and fire coins makes a huge impact. Planes, submarines, ships, tanks, police cruisers or rocket ships are all coin designs that will really take your coin to the next level.

Coins with Personality: All coins have personality – but some can be made to actually look like people – or a favorite fictional character. Cartoon characters, famous heroes or fictional characters, such as the Grim Reaper, all really shine in coin form.

Coins that Roar to Life: Animals are a popular custom challenge coin shape – and for good reason. There are so many options in the animal kingdom that really stand out. Lions, tigers, snakes and spiders – an animal coin grabs your attention.

Challenge Coin Designs that do Double Duty: From bottle openers to belt buckles – how can your challenge coin do more than just look good? There are many options for functional challenge coins that do double duty.

If you are looking for custom challenge coins – in any shape or form, check out the skill, creativity, and artistry at Phoenix Challenge Coins. We pride ourselves in always going the extra mile to create coins that look and feel better than most of the other challenge coins on the market. Learn more about our process and discover how you can create the best challenge coins, in any size or shape – at