There are a lot of brands of challenge coins for sale online – but all custom challenge coins are not created equal. Far from it. When it comes to the world’s best challenge coins, many challenge coins aficionados agree in one name: Phoenix Challenge Coins. Here are the Top 10 reasons to create challenge coins with Phoenix Challenge Coins:

  • Handcrafted by a master coin artisan: Most online challenge coin companies simply act as “middle men”. They take the coin orders and farm out the design and creation of challenge coins to cheaper oversea coin mints. Phoenix Challenge Coins are personally designed, crafted and created by Phoenix Challenge Coin founder, Eric Richards – a master coin artisan.


  • Creative design: The only limit to your custom challenge coin design is your imagination. Phoenix Challenge Coins doesn’t work with pre-set molds or a limited range of designs. Coins can be created in any shape, finish or with any type of image or artwork you have in mind.


  • Unsurpassed strength: Phoenix Challenge Coins uses cutting-edge proprietary technology to create coins that are designed to last. Challenge Coin Armor™ and Armor Shield™ also create stronger, more durable finishes for coins that can stand up the everyday carry use in the tradition of a challenge coin.


  • More durable finishes: Coin Armor™ and Armor Shield™ technologies make it possible to create complex design concepts in ways which previously were impossible to accomplish. Coin Armor™ and Armor Shield™ provide serious scratch resistance, corrosion and tarnish resistance and can withstand more wear and tear damage than any custom challenge coin that is currently available on the market.


  • Unmatched artistry: Each of the thousands of stunning custom challenge coins created by Phoenix Challenge Coin have been created by founder, Eric Richards, and is expertly designed and hand-crafted with precise skill, technique and technology.


  • A lasting memento for all generations: Challenge coins have a rich history, providing more than just a physical token, but conveying a deep meaning that is meant to resonate, and to be remembered. These challenge coins are meant to be passed down from generation to generation.


  • A meaningful military honor: A challenge coin is a well-known symbol in the military world. Military coins are tangible mementos that honor strength, sacrifice and courage and honor brotherhood. They are the perfect symbol to convey the deep appreciation one has for the sacrifices made by members of the military, past and present.


  • A true honor for police and firefighters: Challenge coins have their roots in the military, but police coins and fire coins are the perfect way to take a military tradition and honor those hometown heroes that work to keep our streets, towns, cities and states safe every day.


  • Designing is easy – and fun! Designing a challenge coin with Phoenix Challenge Coins is an interactive process. Your ideas are transformed into beautiful coins and Eric works with each client, every step of the way.


  • You simply won’t find a better looking coin: Phoenix Challenge Coins are made better than most challenge coins on the market. And that’s why they don’t look like anything else out there. These are truly beautiful coins that will become a treasured item to whomever receives them.


If you’re looking for the best challenge coins on the market, your first move should be checking out what Phoenix Challenge Coins has to offer. There are even more reasons to choose Phoenix Challenge Coins – and you’ll have to see these coins for yourself to believe just how incredible they are in terms of quality, durability and artistry. Learn more about our design process, check out designs and buy military coins, police coins and fire coins direct from Phoenix Challenge Coins’ web site.