Almost every government division in America is looking for a challenge coin. Challenge coins have around since Greek and Roman times. Unit coins and military coins are given as gifts to service members who accomplished a task or did a good deed. Customized Challenge coins have been the #1 collectibles for the military division for years. They are so popular that almost all divisions of the government and military now have their own custom coins made. At Phoenix challenge coin company it is our job to make sure we create unforgettable custom challenge coins for you. Phoenix challenge coins have created hundreds of thousands of challenge coins, lapel pins, patches and another one of kind items.

We’re the premier US based challenge coin minting company. We provide you with the best of everything to you as our valued clients. We take the idea of quality designs and enjoy working with you as we help you customize your challenge coin. We help you take your unique and creative custom coin concept to a higher plane of excellence.


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This edging is exactly what the name would lead you to believe. There is no machining or cutting to add a custom edge to your personalized coin design.

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We are more than just a minted coin company, we design, detailed, focused, and customer centric, not to mention we hit deadlines. We take great pride in our coin manufacturing workflow and process. We’re custom challenge coin gurus, innovators, and inventors in our field of custom challenge coins and the other products we make for you.

One thing which sets us above our competition is we’re more than passionate about what we do and the products we provide. We eat, sleep and breathe custom challenge coin…. We’re collectors, inventors, and innovators in our field.

We work as a single unit like the military to provide our clients with high end minted challenge coins. We’re more than passionate about what we do and the products we provide. We eat, sleep and breathe minted coins, the advancements, strategy, and creative that goes into our designs. We’re collectors, inventors, and innovators in our field.


Flat Wave Diamond Cut custom token coin edge

A flat wave diamond cut edge on a custom commemorative coin design is named like this because it resembles the waves in the ocean. It has sharp ridges that rise vertically off the coin edge. This type of edge can be machine cut or sculpted into a custom military coin mold.


Criss Cross or Cross Diamond Cut custom unit coin edge

This type of Criss Cross pattern is cut by our specialized machines into the side edge of your military challenge coins edge. As you can see from the picture above it creates a diamond style grid pattern on the outside edge of your custom challenge coin.


Scalloped edging for your custom made coins

One interesting thing about this type of edging is that it is often mistakenly called a petal cut edge. Some of our competitors will tell clients that they are the same thing. Unfortunately this is as a of their lack of knowledge of their own industry and often because they don’t make your custom challenge coins ‘in house’. As you can see the scalloped cut edge is done with a machine and on a bevel. Supposedly there is supposed to be a similarity to a ‘scallop’ shell, but we just don’t see that….Maybe you do?


Petal Cut Edging for custom police coins

If you read our little bit above about scalloped edging you know there is in fact a difference between this type of cut edge and a scalloped cut edge. They do in fact l ook similar but they are different in the fact that a petal cut edge leave a small thin raised metal line on the outside diameter and side edge of the challenge coin. It’s quite pronounced and easily recognizable and an easy way to tell the difference between a scalloped coin edge and a petal cut challeng coin edge.


Custom unit coins and custom challenge coins have been made and exchanged for special accomplishments, training camaraderie, for actions or medals of achievement and accomplishment. If you are in the Fire department, Navy, Army, Coast Guard, Air Force, Marines, or another sector you are probably looking to get your own coins customized to your division. Phoenix challenge coins make sure you have a ton of options to choose from to realize your vision or even to find that perfect item in our store. If you are looking for something new and unique we will be able to give you a free personalized price quote and concept art based on your custom coin and design needs.

We have emerged as a leading custom coin creator within the marketplace today. We proudly watch and support the tradition as it continues to grow today. Military coins and their use among professional organizations, civic groups, religious groups, Fortune 500 companies, sports teams, games, internet forums, car and motorcycle clubs, and as many different other organizations as you can imagine.

Custom challenge coins are truly a unique gift item which won’t be tossed aside and forgotten like what happens with so many other ‘promotional products’, branding items and business cards.

We take our clients design and offer them bespoke personalized customer service, advice, and help them to make an amazing coin that represents them at their best.

Military Coins

Straight and Honor

Military Coins

Straight and Honor

Military Coins

Straight and Honor

As you can see form the above we can integrate all sorts of custom shapes and edging designs into your personalized challenge coin project.