US Government

  1. Pictures do not do this coin you made for me justice! The coin turned out GREAT! I’m almost out and will make another order in the next couple of weeks.

  2. I am a former Night Stalker with A co. 2/160 This isnt really a challenge coin more of a rite-of-passage as you reach FMQ status.

  3. I bought four of these, one for my self and three for friends that were going to PAX East. The price was great, the shipping was great and the quality of the coin is phenomenal. My only complain would be that the clear protective case that the individual coins came in (which were free and I appreciated) has a very large Phoenix Challenge Coin logo on one side that blocks the view of one side of the coin. Like I said, though, it was free, so it’s not a big deal.

  4. Thank you, you just saved me a lot of money…I thought “randomsales22” was too good to be true.

    Thanks for getting the word out, much appreciated.

  5. I am looking for a 451st AEW coin. It has 6 aircaft on one side. A C130, A Black Hawk helicopter, an A 10 Warthog, A Predator Drone, a one of a kind Bombardier Global Express with a big dome on top and on bottom, plus a King Air. 451st Air Expenditinary Wing. Kandahar Air Field Afganistan. There were hudreds made, I had several. I have lost them. I worked on the BACN aircraft, The global express. N901GX. The coin was the first one when it became AEW. Used to be AEG

  6. Hello, I received this coin yesterday and what a thoughtful gift! For Unit 8 was my unit. I was honored and proud to serve with such an amazing group of people! I was wondering if the coin could be engraved?Thank you for making these coins. What a treasure indeed!

  7. Is it possible to still purchase a couple of the Virginia Tech Corps of Cadets Challenge Coin?

    I have a son in the Corps and would like to give him one as a gift


  8. Hello. I am a former member of the 386th Expeditionary Security Forces Squadron. I was wondering if I could receive a copy of this coin? Thank you very much for your time.

  9. I was with this unit 2010 Kirkuk Iraq 506 expeditionary force. It says out of stock can you let know when they are available


    US Army Team Punisher P-PTT Police Provincial Training Team Kirkuk Iraq OIF Commander’s coin